English High Court

P&ID Scandal: Insiders from Shell Company Embroiled in $11-Billion Corruption Case Admit Misconduct

The co-founder of an offshore firm that won a controversial $6.6 billion arbitration award after arguing that Nigeria failed to fulfill an energy contract has admitted in a London court that the company and its affiliates had previously engaged in financial misconduct and deception –– including unexplained payments to senior officials, and falsifying invoices.

At the English High Court, P&ID insiders recognized acts of deception and financial misconduct stretching over close to two decades of business activities in Nigeria. (Photo: Michael Heath/Alamy Stock Photo)

Funeral vigil in memory of Rafael Moreno

Colombian Journalist: Kill Me But You Won’t Silence Me

In October 2022, Colombian journalist Rafael Moreno was shot dead. Six months after the assassination, 30 journalists continued his investigations into allegations of wide scale corruption and environmental damage. With new evidence, they revealed serious irregularities that confirmed a system of cronyism in public works contracts and exposed the methods of mining companies that Moreno was investigating.

Funeral vigil in memory of Rafael Moreno in Puerto Libertador, Córdoba (Colombia), October 26, 2022. (Photo: Diego Cuevas/El País)