Narmin Shahmarzade  protesting against the political use of revenge porn

How Revenge Porn is Used to Silence Dissidents in Azerbaijan

Revealing photographs of journalists and activists are proliferating on social media. Many Azerbaijanis, and the women themselves, suspect they were planted by the country’s authoritarian government as revenge against speaking out. The government denies the claims.

Narmin Shahmarzade (front right), a women’s rights activist, protesting against the political use of revenge porn. (Photo: Meydan TV)

How Two Ukrainian Teenagers Escaped Russian Captivity

Two girls from occupied Kherson were taken far from home and kept for months in prison-like conditions — until journalists helped them flee. Hundreds or perhaps thousands more Ukrainian children remain in Russian hands.

Nastia Mitrofanova and Masha Senchuk, two Ukrainian girls who were held against their will in occupied territory. (Photo: Slidstvo.Info)


How a Montenegrin Gang Used Open-Source Intelligence to Kill

Hitmen working for a criminal group active in Montenegro and Serbia used open-source intelligence techniques, poring over apartment listing sites, satellite images, and tourist photos posted online, to track down and kill the leader of a rival clan as he hid out in Greece.