Alexandra Gillies

Alexandra Gillies

Director, Global Anti-Corruption Consortium

Alexandra Gillies is the director of the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium, a partnership between OCCRP and Transparency International that brings together investigative journalism and civil society advocacy to fight transnational corruption. Previously, she led anti-corruption work at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, conducting research and advocacy aimed at advancing transparency and fighting corruption in the oil, mining, and commodity trading sectors. Alexandra is the author of the book Crude Intentions: How Oil Corruption Contaminates the World (OUP, 2020).

She spent 2008 in Nigeria as a Fulbright Fellow, and has consulted for the World Bank, DFID, USAID, and several political risk firms. She served as assistant director of the Program of African Studies at Northwestern University. She holds degrees from the University of Ghana and Emory University and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she researched the politics of Nigeria’s oil sector.

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