Anuška Delić

Anuška Delić

Editor, Balkans

Based in Slovenia, Anuška Delić joined OCCRP in 2018 and is a regional editor for the Balkans. She is an investigative reporter and founder of Oštro, the first investigative journalism center focusing on the Adriatic region and an OCCRP member center. In 2011, while still working for Slovenia’s main national daily, she revealed that leaders of the Slovenian branch of the neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honor were actively involved in the ranks of the country’s leading right-wing party. As a direct consequence of her reporting, Anuška was charged with publishing classified information, but was later acquitted. Subsequently, the Slovenian government changed the article of the Criminal Code relating to the publication of state secrets.

In 2015, she launched The MEPs Project, which gathered journalists representing all 28 EU member states to demand that the European Parliament disclose how elected representatives use their professional allowances. The case ended up in front of the EU Court of Justice, which sided with the Parliament and proclaimed the public data was in fact private. Her work on The MEPs Project prompted Politico Europe to rank Anuška 6th among 28 people “shaping, shaking and stirring Europe.” Although Oštro is still a fairly young center, it has already been a part of several investigations that have had major impact, one of which resulted in the banning of a neurotoxic pesticide.

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