Vlad Lavrov

Vlad Lavrov

Senior Editor, Baltics, Eastern Partnership

Based in Riga, Latvia, Vlad Lavrov joined OCCRP in 2011 and is a senior editor for the Baltics and Eastern Partnership region. He has worked on stories including Offshore Crime, Inc., which won the Daniel Pearl Award, and The Proxy Platform. He has also investigated cigarette smuggling in the Ukraine-EU border area and participated in ICIJ’s Tobacco Underground project. He is a winner of the Investigative Reporters and Editors’ Tom Renner Award, the Overseas Press Club of America Award, and the Online Journalism Award for best web coverage of international affairs.

Vlad also worked on Killing Pavel, a documentary investigating the murder of reporter Pavel Sheremet that won the IRE Medal in 2017. Formerly a staff reporter for the Kyiv Post, he reported from the frontline of the Kyiv barricades and was a leader in the famous YanukovychLeaks campaign to salvage thousands of the former Ukraine president’s documents and make them available online.

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