The Chávez Man and His Millions

Credit: OCCRP Published: January 18, 2019

Venezuela's economy is in ruins, but there are still fortunes to be made. One of these — estimated to be worth $100 million — is that of a man named Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas. And he's not just a businessman. For years Aguilera served the country's revolutionary leader, Hugo Chávez, as a bodyguard, later rising to lead its security agency. How did he make his money after leaving the socialist government?

OCCRP investigates along with, El Confidencial, El Pitazo, and Runrunes.


Former Chávez Bodyguard Moves out of the Shadows and into the Good Life

Though he had served Venezuela’s socialist revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez for many years, Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas soon proved more than adept at making millions — and funneling them abroad.

18 January 2019 Read the article

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