• Mysterious Wealth: Tajikistan PM’s Wife Bought Luxury Dubai Properties

    Tajikistan’s prime minister and his wife did not respond to questions about how she was able to afford substantial real estate holdings in their home country, and in the United Arab Emirates.

    Dubai marinaView of Dubai marina. (Photo: Kumar Sriskandan/Alamy Stock Photo)

  • Suisse Secrets: Tajikistan Politician Says Someone Else Opened His Account

    In response to revelations that he at some point kept millions in a bank account in Switzerland, a Tajikistan politician and alleged mafia kingpin claimed that he was not fully conscious when his account was originally opened by an unidentified businessman.

  • EBRD Joins Foreign Investor In Hostile Takeover of Tajikistan’s Leading Microfinance Institution, Pushing Out Founders

    Imon International, Tajikistan’s most prominent microlender, was built over two decades to help women entrepreneurs. Its local founders were pressured by the country’s National Bank to sell to a foreign investor against their will.


  • How Tajikistan’s Leading Microlending Organization Allowed a Suspicious Client to Funnel Millions Abroad

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and several other foreign investors own a leading Tajik microlending organization that’s celebrated for its social mission. But that organization allowed a suspicious client to send tens of millions of dollars abroad with little oversight — and the problem appeared to be systematic.


  • Tajik Activists Call for the Release of Independent Journalist

    Tajik human rights activists and a number of journalists urged authorities on Monday to release their colleague Daler Sharifov who was detained last week on extremism charges.

  • Family Perks

    In Tajikistan, resorts belonging to the ruling family get tax-free facelifts.

  • Tajikistan Declares Opposition Alliance Extremist

    The Supreme Court of Tajikistan declared the National Alliance of Tajikistan, which united exiled Tajik political opponents, an extremist terrorist organization and banned its activities.

  • The Last Breath for Tajik’s Largest Company

    Faroz, a controversial and one of the largest Tajik conglomerates announced liquidation of its assets, saying the “company has lost its competitiveness in the country’s market,” the Central Asian media outletAkhbor reported Friday.

  • Tajikistan Tells Its Youth How to Behave on the Internet

    The Tajik government has issued instructions on how the nation’s youth should behave when using the Internet, urging young people to be patriotic when posting content on social networks, to spell their names right, to use their real photos with no “extremist” facial expressions, and not to lie about their gender.

  • Tajik Official Arrested for Embezzling Pension Fund Money

    Tajik authorities detained on Monday the deputy head of the country’s Social Insurance and Pensions Agency, accusing her of having  appropriated more than US$100,000.

  • Officials Examine Sprawling Shadow Economy in Tajikistan

    A shadow economy that is depriving the Tajikistan treasury of tax revenue accounts for up to 20%  of the central Asian country’s total economy, the head of the country’s State Investment Committee said on Wednesday, blasting illegal activities by businesses for much of the problem.

  • Son of Tajik Official Will Lose Firm Licence

    Apartments built by the construction company of the son of a Tajik government official were so poorly built that authorities said on Friday they will withdraw the firm’s licence. The poor construction did not prevent the father from selling out all flats during working hours from his government office.

  • The Man With Two Faces

    Nikolai Nikolaev has portrayed himself as a friend of the Tajikistani opposition, a human rights activist, and a vocal critic of Russian government. So why do activists he befriends keep disappearing?

  • Kidnapping, Torture, and Freedom

    Sharofiddin Gadoev was a successful businessman, then an opposition activist, then a refugee in hiding. This is the story of his kidnapping in Moscow, his torture at the hands of Tajikistani authorities, and his escape.

  • Foul Language and Secret Prisons

    When investigating why Russian border guards refused to let a Tajik citizen leave the country, a journalist discovered that the FSB has been systematically using remote police stations across southern Russia as secret prisons. Victims are detained for weeks on petty charges, such as swearing in public.

    Credit: Maria TolstovaCredit: Maria Tolstova

  • Tajikistan: Money by Marriage

    Since marrying one of the seven daughters of the president of Tajikistan, a young businessman has built an empire that stretches across the country. An OCCRP investigation show how unlimited political power leads to business success in one of Central Asia's poorest countries.

    Tajikistan: Money by MarriageTajikistan: Money by Marriage. Credit: Sulton

  • Ex-Tajik Railways Chief’s Czech Bonanza

    Amonullo Hukumov, the former head of Tajik Railways, has told the media that neither he nor his wife own any real estate abroad. But records obtained by OCCRP show that his family has spent over $10.7 million on luxury real estate in two of the Czech Republic’s most popular tourist destinations. The hefty price tag raises questions about the source of the family’s wealth.

    Stara-Louka-5The historical building at the heart of Karlovy Vary (center), which Amonullo Hukumov's wife Amina Musaeva bought in 2014 for $4.4 million. Credit: Pavla Holcova

  • Tajikistan: Ex-Top Anti-corruption Officials Jailed for Corruption

    Tajikistan’s Supreme Court jailed at least nine former top anti-corruption officials in the largest and most high-profile corruption case this impoverished 8.7 million Central Asian nation has ever seen.

  • Tajikistan: Human Rights Watchdogs Condemn Crackdown on Lawyers

    Tajikistan has launched an "unrelenting assault" on lawyers by harassing, prosecuting and imprisoning those who take up defense of government critics, according to an Amnesty International report released Tuesday.

  • Tajikistan: President’s Daughter Gets Plum Ministry Job

    A daughter of Tajikistani President Rahmon Emomali has been appointed to a senior position in the country’s foreign ministry, the latest in a series of appointments for the strongman’s children that have raised accusations of increasing nepotism in the authoritarian Central Asian state.

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