Report: Rise of Synthetic Drug Presence in Europe

Europe is facing a growing threat from potent synthetic substances, new drug mixtures, and evolving usage patterns, particularly after the Taliban imposed a ban on opium poppy cultivation, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) warned in its latest report published on Tuesday.

Russian Man Jailed for Insulting Boy Over Militarist Symbol

In a contentious case in Russia, a court sent a man behind bars for three years because he insulted an 11-year-old boy who wore a hat with an embroidered letter ‘Z’ which symbolizes support for Russian troops fighting in Ukraine. The boy’s father is fighting there.

Kyrgyzstan Court extends Custody of 4 Journalists

A Kyrgyz court ordered on Friday that four reporters, who were charged in January with “inciting mass unrest” through their investigative stories about corruption in the Central Asian country, remain in pre-trial detention until August 8, according to their editor, Bolot Temirov.

US Moves Against BEC Fraud

A workers’ union in Massachusetts received last year an email purportedly from an employee of an investment consulting firm, requesting a payment change. The address looked legitimate and off went US$6.4 million to a fraudulent account.