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  • Kyrgyzstan Court extends Custody of 4 Journalists

    A Kyrgyz court ordered on Friday that four reporters, who were charged in January with “inciting mass unrest” through their investigative stories about corruption in the Central Asian country, remain in pre-trial detention until August 8, according to their editor, Bolot Temirov.

  • Journalists to Begin Trial Amid Crackdown on Media in Kyrgyzstan

    Hearings will begin on June 7 in a trial of 11 Kyrgyz reporters charged with “inciting mass unrest,” which critics say is part of a crackdown on free expression in the Central Asian country.

  • On World Press Freedom Day, OCCRP Presses for Release of Partners in Kyrgyzstan

    Journalists connected to anti-corruption outlet Temirov Live remain in jail and under house arrest.

    Kyrgyzstan authorities should drop charges against 11 current and former staff of anti-corruption investigative outlet Temirov Live and release them from jail and house arrest.

    Freekyrgyz ProjectEleven journalists from Kyrgyzstan have been charged by the authorities with “inciting mass unrest.” Clockwise from top left: 1) Zhumabek Turdaliyev 2) Tynystan Asypbek 3) Aike Beishekeyeva 4) Aktilek Kaparov 5) Zhoodar Buzumov 6) Azamat Ishenbekov 7) Saparbek Akunbekov 8) Maksat Tazhibek 9) Makhabat Tazhibek 10) Saipidin Sultanaliyev 11) Akyl Orozbekov. (Image credit: James O’Brien)

  • Kyrgyzstan Court Orders Journalists to Remain Behind Bars

    A court in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday extended the pre-trial detention of eight journalists who are charged with “inciting mass unrest” –– accusations that come amidst a widespread government crackdown on free speech.

  • Uncensored: The Kyrgyzstan Project

    Carrying on the work of our jailed colleagues in Kyrgyzstan.


  • With Journalists Behind Bars, Kyrgyzstan Enters New Era of Repression

    The authorities have accused Temirov Live, a respected investigative outlet, of inciting mass unrest, and jailed nearly a dozen of its current and former employees. A palpable sense of fear has descended on this country, once known as the freest in the region.


  • Kyrgyzstan: Court Rejects Appeals of Jailed Independent Journalists

    A Kyrgyz courtrejected on Monday the appeals of seven investigative journalists who were detained last month after authorities accused them of inciting riots. The move is seen by human rights advocates as an attempt to silence government critics.

  • Police Raid Homes of Independent Journalists in Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyz authorities ordered the detention of 11 independent journalists and conducted searches of their homes on Tuesday. According to attorney Zamir Zhooshev, the journalists are now held in custody for 48 hours, before the court decides to release them or to extend the detention.

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