The Two Bosses

Published: September 2, 2014

Seven years after a charismatic mobster was gunned down outside a Sarajevo apartment building, prosecutors think they know what happened that night and who was involved—a suspected drug trafficker and a former media mogul now running for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fahrudin Radoncic and Naser Kelmendi say it is all lies, but a star witness will testify at Kelmendi’s upcoming trial that she heard them make the plan and saw them pay the money for the Serbian killers who took down Ramiz Delalic in 2007. The revelation is one of many in an indictment of Kelmendi handed up by prosecutors in Kosovo.


A Murder Plotted and Paid For in a Revolving Restaurant

The twisting Avaz tower that looms over Sarajevo is the headquarters of Fahrudin Radoncic, an intense and dapper former media mogul who is running for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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