The Faces of the Victims of Corruption

Credit: OCCRP Published: December 9, 2017

Corruption is everywhere. An estimated $1 trillion is paid in bribes and another $2.6 trillion is stolen worldwide every year, according to the United Nations. These incredible sums make up five percent of the world’s economy. And they mostly come out of the pockets of the poorest of the more than seven billion inhabitants of our planet.

Corruption is not just about money. It’s the root cause of mass migration, human rights abuse, poverty, and death.

In marking the United Nation’s Anti-Corruption Day on this December 9, OCCRP -- along with Transparency International and our other partners -- is paying tribute to the victims of this hideous crime.

We are also honoring those who, by uncovering corruption in their societies, knowingly risk their jobs, their reputations, and even their lives.

This project is part of the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium, a collaborative effort between OCCRP and Transparency International to fight corruption by combining investigative journalism and grassroots activism.

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