Ilya Lozovsky

Ilya Lozovsky

Staff Writer and Senior Editor

Ilya Lozovsky is a staff writer and senior editor at OCCRP. Based in Amsterdam, he writes about the intersection of corruption and democracy; covers Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, and the Caucasus; edits investigations; and is working on new products in other formats.

In a previous stint as OCCRP’s managing editor, Ilya helped develop the organization’s editorial workflow, coordinated cross-border investigations, and trained up-and-coming journalists on investigative editing and storytelling.

Ilya was a key editor on OCCRP’s award-winning Plunder and Patronage and Matraimov Kingdom projects about smuggling and money laundering in Central Asia. He was also integrally involved in the Azerbaijani Laundromat, Troika Laundromat, Paradise Papers, Russian Asset Tracker, and other high-profile investigative series.

Prior to joining OCCRP, Ilya edited and wrote for Foreign Policy magazine’s Democracy Lab channel in Washington. Ilya’s work has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Haaretz, and other outlets.

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