Canadian Sentenced for Pump & Dump Security Fraud

A U.S. court sent a Canadian trader to prison for 3,5 years and ordered him and his co-conspirator to pay more than US$215 million in restitution for defrauding investors by artificially inflating penny stocks and then selling them at a high prize.

Moscow Accuses French Researcher of Espionage

Russia announced on Wednesday that a French NGO worker arrested last month in Moscow was accused of collecting military information that could compromise the security of the Russian Federation.

Egyptian Tycoon Revealed As Owner of Jet in Zambian Gold Scam Case

A private jet at the center of a mysterious fake gold smuggling case in Zambia belongs to Ibrahim al-Organi, an Egyptian tycoon and leader of a large tribe who was once jailed during Bedouin protests, but now leads a tribal alliance that helps keep the Sinai peninsula under government control.