EU, Italy Help Battling Human Trafficking in the Balkans

Italian officials have inaugurated a pivotal office in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will act as a central hub, facilitate the coordination, monitoring, and implementation of strategies to combat human trafficking, Italian State Police said Tuesday in a statement.

Malta Charges Ex PM and His Top Officials with Corruption

A court in Malta formally charged ex prime minister Joseph Muscat on Tuesday with money laundering, fraud, conspiracy, bribery, and corruption in public office in a case concerning the privatization of three public hospitals in Malta and Gozo.

Mexico Extradites Alleged Sinaloa Sicario to U.S.

Mexico has extradited one of the top leaders of the infamous Sinaloa Cartel who is believed to have been the chief of a group of enforcers tasked with eliminating or intimidating rivals of one of the cartel’s factions, the U.S. Department of Justice stated over the weekend.

Italy-led Operation Busts Crime Ring Spanning Europe

In a sweeping operation on Wednesday, authorities arrested 17 Turkish nationals—14 in Italy and three across other European countries—cracking down on a criminal organization linked to murders, migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, and counterfeit cigarette smuggling across Europe.

Film Exposes Belarusian Firms Supplying Russian Military

Belarus’ exiled political opposition has welcomed revelations from former security officers who defected, and have now presented evidence of Belarusian firms supplying Russia with military components critical to its war against Ukraine.