Ukraine Dismantles Crypto Fraud Ring

Ukrainian authorities have dismantled a criminal ring that defrauded citizens in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and the European Union through deceptive call centers promising lucrative cryptocurrency investments.

Serbian Judge Sues KRIK Journalists for Publishing her Profile

A Belgrade judge and her husband have sued reporters of the Serbian investigative outlet and OCCRP partner KRIK for publishing her name and position in a database created in 2020 to enhance transparency within Serbia's judiciary and provide precise information to citizens about its functioning.

US Targets Cybercriminals Linked to 911 S5 Botnet

United States authorities have dismantled what the FBI described as “likely the world’s largest botnet ever.” The malicious 911 S5 botnet, which infected over 19 million IP addresses worldwide, enabled billions of dollars in pandemic and unemployment fraud and provided access to child exploitation materials.

EU Sanctions Anti-Ukraine Propaganda Site

The European Union announced Tuesday sanctions against a news outlet that disseminates anti-Ukraine propaganda, the site’s leader, and a former Ukrainian politician who was charged with treason, denaturalized, and exiled to Russia.

Kenya Holds Hearings on British Army Abuses

At 13, Lioska Lesasuyan had his eye blown out and lost both his arms when he started playing with a rock on the ground, which turned out to be a British army explosive device.

Dubai Revelations Prompt Questions From EU Parliamentarians

European parliamentarians are questioning whether the United Arab Emirates should have been taken off the “gray list” of countries at risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, following revelations that Dubai property owners include a host of dubious characters like drug lords and sanctioned businessmen.